About Climbing

Rock Climbing is a fantastic sport for both your body and your mind and to many of us it’s not just a sport but who we are. We are “climbers’. The best thing about climbing is that anyone can enjoy it across any of its varying forms and really, it’s a sport for life. Climbing can be enjoyed indoors at a facility like Gravity Worx but can also be a wonderful adventure when experienced on real rock!

For the first time ever, Climbing was in the Olympic 2020 Games in Tokyo.

There are three disciplines in climbing: Lead, Speed and Boulder.

  • Lead climbing involves tall walls of varied angles and forms, the climber starts tied into the rope at the bottom of the climb and clips the rope into quickdraws as they climb upwards.
  • Speed climbing is ultimately a race! Climbers race up identical climbs on a 16m inclined wall and the first climber to the top wins. Gravity Worx has the exact regulation speed climbing wall as seen at the Olympics.
  • Bouldering is on shorter walls, typically up to 4.5m tall with crash mats below and involves shorter and sometimes more powerful sequences.

These days more and more people are getting into climbing and its not just us here in Melbourne talking about it! Check out these news items on climbing from around the world.

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