About Us

Gravity Worx Indoor Climbing Gym first opened on the 15th of December 2016. Our owner, Glen Buchanan, had a clear vision for Gravity Worx to provide climbers with a modern gym that would be run by climbers for climbers. We aim to introduce as many Melbournians to the world of climbing as possible and share our passion for this great sport both indoors and outdoors.

At Gravity Worx we clearly love green and strive to be an environmental friendly business. From day one of our opening we have implemented green initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint! All our waiver forms are electronic to reduce paper use, our flooring is recycled rubber tires, all our lights are eco friendly and our walls were made locally!

Since our opening in December of 2016 we have set new routes every week since without fail as we strive to provide climbers with continuously challenging, new and interesting climbs of all grades and on a variety of walls. With our new bouldering section currently being built and the upgrade of our International Federation of Speed Climboing (IFSC) standard speed wall, soon Gravity Worx will be the only gym in the country with all three disciplines; Lead, Speed and Boulder!

Our Head Coach Moriah who is in charge of all our Classes and Squads has been with us since before our opening in December of 2016. She just finished her Bachelor of Sport Science, majoring in sports coaching along her path to becoming a professional sports climbing coach.

If you have general enquirers for us we invite you to contact us at staff@gravityworx.com.au or contact our Head Coach Moriah at coachmoriah@gravityworx.com.au for questions related to Classes and/or Squads.