Bouldering is one of the three disciplines of climbing. It involves short difficult climbing problems on walls no higher than 5 meters tall with crash mats below for safety.

Don’t be fooled by the bright colours and enticing large holds in bouldering however! Bouldering generally requires more strength and power than tall routes as all the difficult moves are compacted into less than 5 meters of climbing!

At Gravity Worx we are proud to be one of only two climbing gyms in the country to have all three climbing disciplines (Lead, Speed and Boulder)! Bouldering is not only a great discipline in itself but it is an excellent training tool for climbers to build strength and power.

However, bouldering can be quite dangerous for beginner climbers as you do not have any ropes attached and have not yet learnt enough skills to safely navigate down climbing and falling onto the mats correctly. Falling safely at any given moment is a skill as such we do not encourage beginner climbers to boulder before having tried our roped systems.

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