Youth Squad is returning in Term 3 2020

During this time, we will be running a reduced weekly youth squad timetable. Furthermore, there will be new rules around Youth Squad in order to keep our staff and all others involved safe and healthy.

  • Youth Squad participants must be able to manage clipping themselves in and out of auto belays by themselves and understand that coaches are unable to clip them in and out during this time.
  • Youth Squad participants must also be able to put on their own harness without the help of a staff member.
  • Youth Squad participants need to understand that they must practice social distancing and are not to crowd other climbers or staff.
  • Youth Squad participants must be able to attend classes without parent supervision as spectators are not allowed at this time.
  • Youth Squad participants must understand that although they may have previously been taught to top rope belay depending on the decision of the coaches they may be asked to simply climb on auto belays only for their own and others safety.

The weekly timetable will be as follows, Youth Squad members must enrol in the level at which they were at during Term 1 of 2020:

4:15-5:15 Beginner/Intermediate4:15-5:15 Advanced4:15-5:15 Beginner/Intermediate8:15-9:15am Beginner
5:15-6:15 Advanced5:15-6:15 Competition5:15-6:15 Advanced9:15-10:15am Intermediate
6:30-7:30pm Men’s6:30-7:30pm Women’s6:30-7:30pm Mixed10:15-12:00 Competition