Competition Youth Squad

Here at Gravity Worx we have the largest Competition Youth Squad in the Australia! Our competition youth squad attend twice weekly training sessions.

Gravity Worx is one of only two gyms in Australia to house all three sport climbing disciplines; Lead (tall walls), Boulder & Speed. This allows our youth squad members to train for each discipline in house and choose their favourites if not all to compete in!

Our competition Youth Squad Results

CompetitionGravity Worx Youth Squad Podium Placements
2021 Youth State Boulder Titles at Blochaus8 Podiums;
2 First place, 3 Second place & 3 Third Place
2020 Lead State Titles at Cliffhangder10 Podiums;
3 First place, 2 Second place, 5 Third place
2019 Boulder State Titles at Northside4 Podiums;
1 First place, 1 Second place, 2 Third place
2019 Youth Nationals at Villawood (in Sydney)5 Podiums;
2 First place, 1 Second place, 2 Third place
2019 Speed State Titles at Gravity Worx15 Podiums;
7 First place, 5 Second place, 3 Third place
2019 Lead State Titles at Cliffhanger4 Podiums;
1 First place, 2 Second place, 1 Third place
2018 Lead State Titles at Cliffhanger3 Podiums;
1 Second place, 2 Third place
2018 Speed State Titles at Gravity Worx 10 Podiums;
3 First place, 4 Second place, 3 Third place


2019 Sport Climbing Victoria Team of the Year: Gravity Worx Youth Squad
2019 Sport Climbing Victoria Gym of the Year: Gravity Worx
2019 Sport Climbing Victoria Coach of the Year: Moriah Broadbent-Hogan

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join competition squad?
Our youth competition squad is by invitation only our coaches. If your child is interested in competing we encourage you to express your interest by emailing us at

Joining our Youth Competition Squad requires a few commitments, firstly the child must join twice weekly training, once a week training is simply not enough to prepare for competition level climbing. Our highly ranked competition youth athletes climb on a third day also. Furthermore a child must complete in general a few terms of youth squad training before they can transfer into competition squad as they need to learn how to climb and focus on their skills before they can focus on competition level climbing.

We would also like to note that there are always acceptations which is why we encourage you to have a chat with our staff if your child is hoping to try competition climbing.

What are the different competitions?

There are three state competitions per year, one for each discipline – Lead, Speed and Boulder. There is one National competition in which youth climbers need to qualify for to compete in.

When do competitions run?

The competition season timetable changes each year however the competitions generally run in the same months each year.

Lead is normally in late February/March
Speed is normally in late March/April
Boulder is normally in October
Youth Nationals is normally late April/May

What are the categories for youth competitions?

Each child competes in an age category, the year of their birth denotes what age category they will compete and this is stated in each competition information pack.

In general;
Youth D is turning 11 or younger in the year of the competition
Youth C is turning 12/13 in the year of the competition
Youth B is turning 14/15 in the year of the competition
Youth A is those turning 16/17 in the year of the competition
Junior is those turning 18/19 in the year of the competition