Events & Groups


from $300 for 10 people (includes harness hire)

GROUP BOOKINGS for special events
We love birthdays, Christmas parties and social gatherings so much that we’ll even give you your own function area and a group discount!! We cater for groups from 10 to 60+ participants and offer a number of different group packages, as outlined below.

Get in touch with us so that we can make your next event awesome. Groups of 10 or more require a booking in advance. We usually need at least a weeks’ notice.


Climbing is a rewarding activity accessible for people at all levels of fitness and expertise.

If you’re looking for a fun retreat or a team building session that will be the basis of break-room stories for years to come, Gravity Worx is the place to be. Climbing is a team sport which requires:

  • Clear & Succinct Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Trust & Empathy
  • Decision Making

In this way, the sport is inherently an excellent activity to strengthen team cohesion. In addition, we can tailor a session to meet the needs of your group.


Gravity Worx loves fitness groups!

Rock climbing is a whole body workout. It requires core strength, balance, and precision motor skills. Effective climbing works the entire body (not just the upper body) and presents a challenge for people at all fitness and experience levels. So why do we love fitness groups? Because fitness groups love a challenge!

If you’re a personal trainer or run a sports team, we have better-than-normal group rates for you!

We’ll brief your group on how to use the gear, and from there the format of the session is up to you. Typical sessions include (but aren’t limited to) :

  • Climbing Technique or Fitness
  • Team Building
  • Climbing Games
  • Mini-Competitions