Keeping your kids STRONG at home!

There are so many ways to keep fit at home without having to buy expensive and sometimes tricky to install equipment! As Head Coach I am always encourage kids to cross train by including any kind of cardio training like running or cycling. You definitely get puffed when scaling a wall that is almost 20 metres tall and adding in this cross training really helps!

In general, the best exercises for kids really are bodyweight exercises as they build great strength and overall fitness but also drastically reduce the potential of injury and accidents that can often occur from using any kind of weights or heavy equipment.

During this time when kids aren’t able to train at their beloved climbing gyms there are plenty of exercises they can be doing from home that help to keep their bodies strong and healthy. In particular, antagonist training is super important it involves training the opposite muscles that we use to climb! By training these antagonist muscles we have equal measure of strength working together and it keeps our bodies working together in balance and research shows it drastically reduces your chances of getting injured! 

So what are antagonist training?!

First off: Push ups! Obviously when we climb we are using our pull strength which means we need to work the opposite muscles! Plus, you can do push ups anywhere! 

Next: Finger extensions! 
Using a regular elastic band (or if you have one those elastics with specific finger spots) stretch your fingers to full extension to work the muscles that extend your fingers rather than clench them like in climbing! 

Last but not least: Core! 
We use a lot of our back muscle (muscle in our posterior chain) in climbing and the best way to support them and prevent injury is to have a strong core! This can include short planks where you make sure you tuck your belly button in or working on more difficult exercises like a v-snap! 

During this difficult time our Head Coach Moriah is writing workout programs for climbers of all ages and skill levels. If you need help with home workouts feel free to email her at

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