Lead Climbing

Lead Climbing Assessments are performed on Weeknights after 8pm ph 93501789 after 4pm to book.

Lead climbing is the most commonly recognized discipline in indoor climbing. It involves long routes on tall walls, in competitions the climb traditionally gets harder as the climber gets higher thus the aim is to get as high as possible on the route or to “TOP” aka complete the climb.

Lead climbing is a more advanced form of what we call “Route Climbing” which simply means climbing tall walls. At Gravity Worx we have Auto Belays, Top Rope and Lead Climbing. Top Rope and Auto Belays are extremely beginner friendly! Top rope is a paired system in which one climber climbs and the second holds the rope for the climber on the ground. This is a skilled activity and does require an induction at any climbing gym. Auto belays allow you to climb tall routes by yourself whilst a machine looks after your safety! If you complete the climb or fall off the auto belay lowers you to the ground at a steady pace every time.

In lead climbing the climber starts with the rope at the bottom, attaches the rope to themself with a belayer at the bottom and clips their rope through safety points as they climb higher and higher.