Youth Squad

Our Youth Squad is run by our Head Coach Moriah who has been with us since before our opening in 2016, she works hard to develop comprehensive programs for our different groups of Youth Squad including beginner, intermediate, advanced and competition squads. We do not allocate young people into class groups by age as we feel it doesn’t suit our goals for youth squad. In 2019 Coach Moriah was awarded Sport Climbing Victoria’s Coach of the Year.

What is it?
Hang Time Coaching is for any young person wishing to learn more about Rock Climbing!
All skill levels are welcome, we start children with once a week classes which progress to twice a week especially for those wishing to get involved in competitions.

Who is it for?
Any child 4 years and older

How much Does it cost?
$250 for weekly classes during the 10 week term, $5 for casual climbs other days.
$381 for twice a week classes and unlimited gym use all other days.
Includes gear hire.

4:15-5:15pm Beginner4:15-5:15pm Beginner4:15-5:15pm Beginner8:30-9:30am Beginner
5:15-6:15pm Intermediate5:15-6:15pm Intermediate5:15-6:15pm Intermediate9:30-10:30am
6:00-7:30pm Advanced6:00-7:30pm Advanced6:00-7:30pm Advanced10:30-12:00pm Advanced
11:30-12:30 Competition

How do I sign up?
Contact us on 93501789 to book, or if you have questions email us at